The Troop strives to have one outing per month; and most of these are one or two night campouts. Patrol Leaders will contact Patrol members approximately two weeks before the campout for a commitment about whether they plan to attend. This information is required in advance by the Transportation Committee, by the PLC and Scoutmasters making program arrangements and by the Patrols for planning purposes.

At Troop Meetings preceding the campout, each patrol plans its meals, and makes a duty roster. One Scout is assigned the job of Grubmaster, preferably a Scout who needs First Class cooking req. #4; If no one attending needs req. #4, the position will be on a rotation basis. The Grubmaster buys and brings the patrol’s food to the outing. All Scouts attending share the cost of food in each Patrol. He collects funds of $15.00-$20.00 per Scout going on the campout. He will be reimbursed out of pocket expenses as soon as possible. The cost of food is shared in each Patrol by all Scouts attending. Any patrol member who signs-up for a campout and later cancels after food and supplies have been bought is still required to pay his share of the costs.

Items that Scouts are not permitted to bring on campouts or any other scout functions are: sheath knives, flammable liquids (except as specified by the Sam Houston Area Council Policy), fireworks, firearms, slingshots, electronics and games. Soft drinks, radios with headsets and other electronic communicating devises are only permitted in the vehicles transporting the scouts to and from outings and must be left in the vehicle after arriving at the location. Matches, folding blade knives, axes and hatchets can only be brought and used at appropriate outings by scouts who carry active tot’n and fireman chits.

Every year the Troop has the opportunity to attend a week-long Summer Camp and a week-long Winter Camp. A variety of activities are available at these camps including overnight backpacking trips, skill classes for rank advancement (First Class Emphasis), Merit Badge classes, aquatics, field sports (archery, rifle and shotgun), nature, and environmental sciences. Summer Camp and Winter Camp both provide excellent opportunities for Scouts to advance in rank.